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                Contact Us

                Hot Line:86-411-83769069

                Address:Room 1008, Yuexiu Building, No.82 Xinkai Road, Xigang District, Dalian, P.R.China.

                Tel:86-411-83769069、83769070 Postcode:116011


                Http: www.romthdrau.com


                Factory Address :Fengrong Electrical Park, Puwan New Zone, China.


                Dalian Romthdrau Hydraulic and Lubrication Co., Ltd. is a professional company in designing and manufacturing hydraulic control system, lubrication control system, electrical control system, fluid automation devices, oil cylinders and components. The guideline that we always follow is “In Technology: Having enterprising and deliberately innovative spirits; In Production: Working exquisitely and scrupulously and striving for excellence; In Management: To broaden cooperation and to strive for perfectness.”
                “Always be a reassuring enterprise for the customers” is our eternal purpose. Our greatest wish is to give the products with the best quality, best performance and best cost ratio to the customers. We sincerely wish to work with industrial enterprises in all fields side by side to make our devices more reliable and effective.